Some of the terms insurance may be confusing or not known. Beneficiaries used in insurance are one of these terms.

Stakeholders are used to referring to natural or legal persons who will benefit from insurance. The person who will take out insurance can show the person (s) as beneficiary.

Unless stated in the life insurance policy, the legal guardians of the insured person are also considered as beneficiaries. Whole life insurance is in progress, the names of stakeholders can be changed or new names can be added.

What rights does the beneficiary have?

What rights does the beneficiary have?

When a life insurance holder is in possession, the person whose insurance contract is made is called insured. The person who makes the premium payment of the insured, insured and who is entitled to receive the insurance indemnity in case of the death of the insured is called as beneficiary.

Since the beneficiary is considered to be a legal heir, the beneficiary receives life insurance compensation in the event of a death.

Should the Beneficiary be a Family?

Should the Beneficiary be a Family?

Life insurance is a type of insurance that is paid in case of death of the insured. However, the person to whom the indemnity is to be paid is at the discretion of the insurer, and in life insurances, the insured person may appoint the person as beneficiary.

More than one person is often preferred.

The beneficiaries are not obliged to be legal guardians or family members of the insured under the scope of life insurance. A person can also choose a non-family member as an interest. It can also change insured interests or add new names while life insurance is in progress.

After the start of the policy, change the beneficiary?


During the period of life insurance policy period, the insured can make changes in the interest.

It is sufficient to make a written request for beneficiary change or addition. In life insurance, this decision belongs to the insured and can be changed due to factors such as marriage or having a child or it can be voluntarily changed.

If you are going to make a change in your life insurance, it is sufficient to send a written request to the insurance company.