Grant’s 37th Anniversary


Grant’s Lounge celebrated it’s Anniversary on Wednesday, February 20th with live music for the first time in twenty-seven years led by Macon Blues Masters Big Mike and The Booty Papa’s along with noteable special guests sitting in such as Capricorn Rhythm Section’s Paul Hornsby, James Brown guitarist Robert Coleman, Maceo Parker drummer Jamal Thomas, Marshall Tucker front man Chris Hicks, Grant’s Wall of Famer and Grinder’s Switch guitarist Larry Howard along with world reknowned eighty-something year old music pioneers Eddie “Hawgman” Kirkland and Ray “Satellite Papa” Brown who played James Brown and Otis Redding’s original 45’s on Macon’s W.I.B.B. Radio Station during the fifties.

The capacity crowd who gathered at Grant’s for “Happy Hippy Hour” with Macon Bartender of the year Jeff Payne, with original bartender Liz Graham “overseeing”, were totally amazed by Grant’s well-preserved character and legendary Wall of Fame. Larry Howard started the ceremonies with a few words about time spent at Grant’s and how much he missed former bandmates Joe Dan Petty and Dru Lombar plus a few fond memories of days in Macon spent with friends such as Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker Band , and many others during the Capricorn days.

Other highlights included a proclamation letter presented by Dr. Andy Ambrose of the Tubman Museum to Ed Grant, Jr. and Cheryll Grant Louder honoring their many years in business. Next up Kirk and Kirsten West presented the Grant Family a Big House Museum engraved plaque along with Thanks for their hospitality to noteable musicians during the early seventies. Last but not least Alan Walden spoke about special moments at Grant’s from another era such as Capricorn auditioning of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Marshall Tucker Bands. Alan told the audience about a then little known fellow named Tom Petty leaving notes at the Walden’s office begging studio folks to stop by and listen to his band called Mudcrutch.
“We were just too busy to get over to Grant’s Lounge to hear Tom Petty. From the way things turned out , we probably should’ve given Tom a chance.” Stated Walden. Another not to be missed part of this magical evening was viewing of video footage from a Wet Willie Concert at Macon’s Central City Park plus Grant’s Wall of Fame with authentic photos of such noteable former Grant’s regulars such as Bonnie Bramblett, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, John Hammond, and many more.

Macon, Georgia still has the magic. Stay tuned for news of more events at Grant’s in the near future.