Grant’s 10th Anniversary

From draft to imported wines? — Perhaps a more accurate pun — from busboy to successful club owner!

Mr. Grant, as he is called by employees and customers alike, is the owner, executive director, and chairman of the board of Grant’s Lounge.

Mr. Grant began his training in the food and beverage industry at the bottom — as a busboy and waiter at the Dempsey Hotel.

After being honorably discharged from the Armed Services in 1952, he resumed his employment at the Idle Hour Country Club where he served as waiter and bartender for 25 years, thereby giving him the experience needed for pursuing his career. He worked private parties for some of Macon’s renowned businesses — Mr. and Mrs. Win Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sams, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Truesdel, Mr. and Mrs. William Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Schwartz, Mr. and Mrs. Buckner Melton, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Barnes, and the late Mr. Marvin Elliott, just to name a few. He is well known among people of the business and civic community. He has always put his family first in his life and has been an excellent husband and father. Married to the former Rosa L. Brown, the Grants have one son, Edward Grant, Jr., and two daughters, Cheryl and Gaynell. Mr. Grant left Idle Hour Country Club to manage the James Brown Golden Platter Restaurants before deciding to open his own business in 1971.

A man of great courage and self-belief, amid adverse odds, Mr. Grant gandered his knowledge and experience and founded Grant’s Lounge.

Grant’s Lounge is located at 576 Poplar Street. In 1971 this street with disputed popularity was chosen by Mr. Grant for his business locations. He put a lounge midway on the block among furniture stores in downtown Macon near the city bus line.

Some attribute these factors along with dedication, perseverance, and a loving family to the Grant’s Lounge and E. N. Grant’s success. Many facts are indisputable in the unique history of the business:

1. Grant’s Lounge is the only successful lounge with morning and late evening hours.
2. Grant’s Lounge is the only 13-year-old establishment of its kind without a name-renovation change.

Often asked for advice and counsel from many admirers and business hopefuls, Mr. Grant is most accommodating and always willing to share his knowledge. One of his consultory grads is his daughter Cheryl. She resigned as his assistant manager to open her own restaurant at 487 Second Street in 1982. Mr. Grant serves as her business consultant.

Today, employing 24-plus personnel at the lounge, and operating the second largest Black-owned business in Macon, Mr. Grant remains suave, easy-going, mild mannered, always a gentleman, and available daily to his customers.

An appreciative businessman, a golf enthusiast, humble employer — all that know and love Mr. Grant honor and praise him this week in celebration of his Thirteenth Business Anniversary.